Frequently Asked Questions

 What services can we expect as part of our wedding ceremony?
A: As your celebrant it is my duty to work with you both to create your dream wedding ceremony. This includes meetings, legal document preparation and submission, ceremony script and rehearsal. Each ceremony is personalised and tailored to each couple.

Q: Can I meet you first to decide if you are the right Celebrant for us?
A: Yes, I will gladly meet you and your partner at a convenient location for a friendly no obligation chat to get to know me and see if I am the right celebrant for you. Coffee is on me. 

Q: What is a notice of intention to marry (NOIM)?
A: It is a legal requirement that all couples MUST by law give an authorised celebrant notice of their intention to marry. The form is completed and filed by the celebrant.

Q: How long is the NOIM valid for once submitted to the Celebrant?
A: It is valid for 18 months.

Q: When does the law state I must submit my NOIM by? 
A: You must have submitted your NOIM no later than 1 month before the marriage ceremony. 

Q: Will I get to rehearse the ceremony before the ceremony?
A: Yes I will offer you and your partner a rehearsal 2 weeks before the ceremony at no extra cost whatsoever.

Q: What about music during the ceremony do you provide the music?
A: Yes, you just advise me of your desired song choice. I have a premium Spotify account so finding any song is not an issue. I also have a premium YouTube account to locate those tricky songs. All songs of course play add free with a premium subscription account. 

Q: Do you provide a PA system so all guests can hear the ceremony?
A: Yes, I will bring a PA system which a music device can be connected to. I also have 2 wireless microphones.  

Q: Do you provide a table and chairs for the signing of the legal documents at the wedding ceremony?
A: Yes, I will provide a table. White table cloth and white chairs.

Q: How many witnesses do I need for the signing of the legal documents?
A: You will need 2 witnesses above the age of 18.

Q: What if I decide to use William as our celebrant?
A:  We will need to get together and complete the notice of intended marriage (NOIM) form. 

Q: Can you MC our wedding reception after the wedding ceremony? 
A: Yes absolutely, I am also an MC and have conducted many wedding receptions at many venues.

Q: What are the benefits of having an independent MC?
A: The benefits of using an MC instead of a family member are as follows.

  • I will coordinate, direct, and announce all of the reception proceedings.
    i.e. Bridal party entrance, meals, cutting of the cake, speeches, trivia game, bridal waltz, encourage guest dancing, ending and thank you, farewell.
  • I entertain and interact with your guest; usually through a trivia game such as the shoe game, Bride v Groom or Groomsmen v Bridesmaids. Always a bit of fun during dinner and before the speeches commence.
  • I eliminate the high risk of awkward moments that can possibly occur if a family member or friend hosts the evening.
  • I arrive 1 hour early at the reception and meet with the event manager, DJ and chefs and co-ordinate the evening with them in order to confirm important and minute details of the reception. This is imperative to ensure smooth running of the evening as all the important persons are operating to the same times and know exactly what time things happen and by who.
  • Guests have a familiar face as they see me as the Celebrant on the day and then later on as the MC.
  • I will eliminate all of your stresses and you won’t have to worry about a thing. You just okay the scripts and I will do the rest. I will organise and coordinate everything from the day ceremony to the evening reception. 
  • Most importantly an MC remains sober. As opposed to using that family member or friend to MC who will most likely drink and get intoxicated in order to host the party also known as liquid confidence. Alcohol consumption in excess and hosting is always a huge risk of total chaos and possibly ruining the reception.


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